Global United Airways owns and operates its own fleet of tractor-trailers, straight trucks and cargo vans.We take immense pride in our trucking division. Our drivers are professional and reliable; it is comforting to know that when we tell a customer our truck will be at their facility at a predetermined time, it will be there.

Why choose Global United Airways for your Trucking?

We have found that operating our own vehicles allows us more flexibility and, in many cases, substantial savings to our customers by consolidating shipments and coordinating our truck routes for maximum efficiency. We employ our own “Company” drivers. Drivers maintain constant 24-hour contact with our dispatcher via cellular phones and radio communications.

Great Services

We invested in essential tools to ensure a hassle-free delivery to you: transportation software, satellite tracking, lane optimization. This allows us to anticipate troubles, services failures, and maintain a permanent communication.
This saves money, especially by avoiding renting a container or an entire truck for a few goods. Thus, the grouped goods are shipped to one and the same destination, before being distributed to their individual destination.

Our arrangements

Our transportation arrangements are to focus on three necessary elements, time-efficiency, cost and ware. We have distinctive strategies for transportation your merchandise, air, road or ocean we make an ultra-customized and reliable delivery.
As a matter of first importance, we will be satisfied to meet you or exchange information by email and cell phone to gather information about the weight, volume, pickup address and conveyances, to give you a detailed and suited full quotation.